Perfection is boring

Jenni Tuhkanen Photography

Welcome to my visual world!

Jenni Tuhkanen Photography is my humble photography portfolio online. As its title, Perfection is boring, suggests, my approach to photography is finding and showing the beauty of the imperfect in my photos. The subjects can be anything from withering flowers and rusting metal to old or broken household items.

Perfection is boring

In addition to my idea of beauty, the title of the site also describes the site itself to a certain degree. After all, it will probably never be quite ready, let alone perfect.

The site is very much a work in progress, and I’ll probably change the content every now and then. New pages and galleries will be added, and I’ll also upload some more photos to the existing galleries every now and then. Welcome to my visual world! Have a look around and come back again for more photos.

Questions or comments? Send me a message to or on my Facebook page Jenni Tuhkanen Photography. You can also follow my page there or on Instagram for more photos and gallery updates!