They say people often enjoy the time of year they were born in the best. So if you were born in the winter, like me, you’re supposed to like the snow and cold, and those of you who were born in summer are more likely to be big fans of the sunshine.

Well, to be honest, I’m not much of a winter person. In fact, I’m not a winter person at all. I don’t like the cold, I’m not a fan of skiing and I hate having to wear a dozen layers to be able to go outdoors and not freeze.

The one thing I do enjoy about the winter is the beauty of nature at sub-zero temperatures. The frozen ponds and lakes, hoarfrost on withered plants, the snow-covered trees. And the light! When the sun is low on the horizon and freezing cold temperatures make the air sparkle with tiny little ice crystals, even the dullest 1970s concrete block looks magical. It also seems to make winter landscapes somehow otherworldly in comparison to the same view in the summer.

Other fantastic photo opportunities that I love to pursue are star trails and the occasional northern lights or Aurora borealis that you can best see in the winter in Finland. Not that I’ve had too much luck with either of these genres so far, but they both definitely make it worthwhile taking half an hour just packing your camera and batteries somewhere warm enough and another 30 minutes to dress warmly enough!

Maybe there is a small winter person hiding somewhere deep inside of me after all…