I must be fun to cook with.

As you can see, I love photographing food and its ingredients in particular. And since I’m not going to chop up a ton of garlic and chilli just to get nice pictures of them, I’m obviously going to shoot them while cooking.

garlic and onion
Garlic is one of my favourite photo subjects

So, a word of advice: if you ever plan to cook anything with me, have a snack first! No, seriously. Because it’s probably going to take a while before the meal ends up in the oven, let alone on your plate.

Sometimes I may know what kind of photos I’m after. And more often than not, I simply start cooking and suddenly realise that the chopped up champignons or spilled sesame seeds look brilliant in the late afternoon light. So be prepared to be told to stop right where you are! After all, it may be the champignons or onions that you are chopping that suddenly have to be recorded for future generations.

This home-grown onion just begged to be photographed after I had chopped it up.

sheets of lasagna
I loved the light on these sheets of lasagna.

I will obviously also bring a tripod and possibly an extra lens into the kitchen. And a 40-inch reflector disc, obviously. My kitchen happens to be quite small, so it may get a little crowded there sometimes. Just make sure to look before you move, and everything will be just fine!

tomato vine
It’s not just food and vegetables that I love to shoot in the kitchen!

Oh, and I’ve been thinking about learning to shoot nice pictures of portions as well! So I can’t promise that you’re safe even when all the ingredients have been chopped up and photographed from every imaginable angle… It also looks like photos of food on the baking tray are quite fashionable right now, so all the more reason for me to take a few pictures of whatever we are cooking before it goes into the oven and immediately after it comes back out!

food bowls
Soup, mashed vegetables… Same difference!

I’m not much of a people photographer so one thing is for sure: you won’t find pictures of yourself covered in flour or spatters of oil and butter all over your shirt here or on my social media accounts. Your hands may end up online, though, with your kind permission!

black sesame seeds
Home-made falafel with some black sesame seeds

fish fillets and flour
The light that fell on the fish fillets and flour caught my eye.