I haven’t really updated the photo galleries on my site that often recently, the blog almost seemed to dry up after only two posts, and I’ve also been a bit more quiet than usual on social media. Not because I’ve been lazy or anything. Not at all! It’s because I’ve been busy setting up my brand new webshop!

Dreaming big

I took up photography some time in the mid-90s and almost ever since, I dreamt of my own photo exhibition, printing and selling my photos as postcards, or maybe making some numbered and signed fine-art prints available at a gallery or a dedicated shop. And for the 20+ years that followed, I never even lifted a finger to make any of these dreams come true.

While it was all much more difficult in the 90s when I didn’t even have an email address and only shot film, it has become so easy to set up a website and sell your work online in the past few years that I have no idea why it took me so long to give it a try. Well, better late than never!

I set up this site at the beginning of 2019, and I’m pleased to see that so many of you have found your way here. When I published the first few pictures, I had no idea if I would simply put them here for you to see or whether I would make an effort at selling some of them as well. But the feedback I’ve received on my work on this site in the past few months has been so encouraging that I decided to give it a go and set up my own little webshop.

Setting up my webshop

The platform I used at holvi.com is extremely simple, but figuring out a way to print the photos and deliver the prints to my customers took some effort. Not to mention calculating prices, writing all the product descriptions and preparing for the worst-case scenarios involving lost or damaged shipments…

I feel that the basics are finally there, and a few days ago I finally coughed up the courage to publish the shop. Edit: updated the shop address.

Looking forward to your visit at my brand new webshop!